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The best Custom tours in Costa Maya

Kayaking in the Mangrove

Mangroves are one of the most important coastal ecosystems, acting as nurseries for aquatic organisms, providing refuge for migratory birds as well as nesting sites and protecting the coast line from erosion. Enjoy this interesting ecosystem through a kayaking adventure among the channels of the mangrove roots.

Guided visits to the Seven Colours Lagoon & Bacalar

Stromatolites are one of the most valued ecosystems and you can found it in one of the most beautiful places in the Yucatan Peninsula, a place where pictures do not give merit to what our eyes can appreciate. Its name describes the spectrum of colors that can be seen in its beautiful crystal clear waters. With us you will experience a visual adventure that you will never forget.

Mayan Ruins

Chacchobén, Dzibanché, Kohunlich, Oxtankah; archaeological sites that belongedto one of the most enigmatic cultures of the times, the Mayas. Learn about the relationship of their constructions with the celestial vault and the inheritance that
their culture left to the world.

Butterfly farm

Butterfly metamorphosis is the most impressive change an organism can have. Discover how a simple caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, and not just any, here you will see the famous blue morpho.

Educative workshops in mayan crafting.

Educative workshops in mayan crafting and building, growing a mayan garden, making coconut oil, among others, are always available.

SCUBA Diving

Either you are an experienced diver or a beginner we can take you to explore underwater the second biggest barrier reef in the world, the Mesoamerican barrier reef. The ability of humans to integrate into different ecosystems is reflected in
scuba diving. The biodiversity will make you never want to get out of the water.

Snorkeling and Freediving

Did you know there are some fish called grunts? They are called that because these fish are capable of grunting. Yes, the fish can make a different range of sounds and the only way to hear them is with no bubbles around.
In the same way, sea creatures such as turtles feel more comfortable without the sound of bubbles, so in the snorkel or freediving tour you will have the opportunity to meet them in their natural environment.

Nature Interpretation and birdwatching

Mahahual Ecotours provides High Quality birding tailored made expeditions in and around the Yucatan Peninsula, led by experienced birding guides. Our goal is to show you the best of our area, looking for those elusive birds that you haven't seen before. Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula is well known worldwide for the richness of bird species. Capture the best moments of birds is something that we offer too with our photography skills.

Jungle Trails

If you've never been deep in the jungle, this is an experience you should take. Enjoy the direct contact with nature in a different level. In each walk in the jungle we can find different surprises such as colorful birds, beautiful orchids and interesting mammals.

Traditional Fishing
Mahahual Ecotours offers the following activities run by trained and certified guides in a fun and educative atmosphere.